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Hiring status for UK professional services, tech, finance and other firms

In the last few weeks, with the COVID-19 crisis in full swing and tens of millions in lockdown, we were saddened to hear from our friends and interview clients about interview cancellations, hiring freezes and layoffs. We thought that it would be useful to create a database of all the firms that are still hiring, and help tens of thousands of people who are looking for jobs, find a quality role.


How can I help?

Is your firm still hiring? Did you freeze hiring or started layoffs? Tell us in by spending a minute filling out a form and help the community.



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This page has been set up in a few hours to help the community find jobs during the coronavirus crisis. It is completely free to use and update, entries are crowdsourced and mostly not verified. 

Other useful resources (continuously updated)

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About Us


Ben Gutkovich

Founder of ConsultingCasePro interview preparation service. Ben helped hundreds of candidates prepare for interviews and land the job of their dreams at top-tier consultancies (including McKinsey, Bain and BCG) and leading tech firms (like Google and Amazon)

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